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The Sims 2 - A game like no other

The Sims 2 is a game like no other on the market for PC games. It offers a quality of life simulation which is almost unique. No matter, if you would like to grow up children, let your sims become famous and rich in one of the careers or if you would like to let them learn at the university, explore the vibrant nightlife or let them care their pets, Sims 2 makes it possible.

Sims 2 downloads make it even better

Today, the fan community of The Sims 2 provides you with a huge variety of downloads for your favorite game. Some sites did specialise on sims 2 clothes, genetics like makeup, eyebrows, skintones etc. Others do focus on new objects in very high quality or build houses, which look almost real. All these sites give you a chance to play the game in the way, you would like to play. Create your single female sim, let her move into a small house and meet interesting other people. Give her a chance to move forward in one of the different carrers, which vary from a burglar career, a sports career and much more to a police carrer. Found a familie and raise your children. Watch them grow and go to school, their first love and first lovesickness.

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Enhancing your game

Earlier or later, you will maybe reach a point, where the stuff already included in the game will not be enough to let you play the game the way you would like to. Sims 2 downloads provided by hundreds of pages change this. New objects like sofas, refrigerators, cars, new hairstyles, makeup, complete sims, houses, plants, skintones, eyecolors and much much more are waiting for you, if you explore the web for sims 2 downloads. No matter, what you are looking for, you will find it for sure.

Free Sims 2 Downloads

Sims 2 screenshots
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Free Sims 2 downloads are available at most of the pages. One of them is Pimp my, which offers high quality free sims 2 downloads like sims 2 clothes, genetics, houses or complete sims and new objects, but there are hundreds of other high quality download sites for The Sims 2. Some of them charge a fee for their creations, but mos of them offer free sims 2 downloads.

Download free custom content for The Sims 2

If you would like to download free sims 2 downloads, just visit Pimp my, which offers high quality downloads like genetics, houses, new objects or new clothes for your sims. Navigate through the site and be amazed by hundreds of different creations, which will let your The Sims 2 never be the same as before!

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